You Can Own Your Very Own Baby Dinosaur For Less Than $4,000

It’s going to be a while before Jurassic Park becomes a reality, so what are you supposed to do while you’re waiting to visit real-life dinosaurs that may or may not (spoiler: they will) try to kill you? Well, if you’ve got around $4,000, you could buy yourself a “baby dinosaur” from Craigslist.

Hailing from the town of Lancaster, Penn. (known hot spot for all manner of extinct creatures), a baby dino has just been posted for sale on Craigslist. It may not be as realistic as you’d want it to be (which means it can’t kill you), but if you tie it up like the pictures show, you could have a dino guarding your property 24/7. A dino who’s read a little too much Fifty Shades of Grey.

From the posting:

Baby Brachiosaurus. Long after the dinosaur age you could own a life like one of your own! This wonderful baby brachiosaurus is in great condition, it is made out of a resin mold with fiberglass added, it is then hand painted with very real details. This material will last inside and outside. This is certainly an eye catcher! Also in stock are other farm animals, Indian statues and other figures.

Dinosaurs: now classified as farm animals!

If the description doesn’t do it for you (why???), here’s a picture of the dino in question via Craigslist:

Excuse me, I’ve got $4,000 to raise.

(Via Craigslist)