The Internet Is Having A Lot Of Fun With This Baby Born With A Full Head Of Hair

Last week the internet fell in love with little Isabelle Kaplan, a baby that was born with a full head of hair. The little bugger was already pretty cute at birth, but two and a half months into life she now has a luscious mop of bountiful brown locks that would put Ron Burgundy to shame. If we lived in a more civilized society, we’d just cancel the 2016 election and elect this baby our fearless leader for eternity, North Korea style.

“We’re just kind of proud that she’s getting all this attention,” her father Dave Kaplan told ABC News. Isabelle’s grandmother says Dave had a similar head of hair when he was a baby. “She even remembers me being 3 months old and already thinking that she might need to cut my hair because it was kind of going into my eyes a little bit.”

The fine folks over at Reddit’s Photoshop Battles sub were also taken with Isabelle, and they put together all sorts of silly shops for us to laugh at.

With that hair, he’d be unstoppable. To see all the photoshops, check out the Photoshop Battles thread right here.