Have You Seen This Horrific Video Of An Innocent Woman Being Swarmed By Vicious Baby Otters?

What you’re about to see will infuriate you. Not because there’s anything dangerous going on (unless otters carry some kind of virus), but because these adorable baby otters are ganging up on a woman named Stephanie Arne instead of you. And for a very good reason: she’s pretty awesome.

Here’s Arne’s impressive resume, via Hello Giggles:

The woman in the video is Stephanie Arne, a wildlife ambassador and conservationist. She also happens to be the first-ever female host of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom television show. (OK, we’re beginning to see where the otters are coming from because that is seriously awesome.)

Arne’s done a lot of cool stuff—traveling the world, building houses in Kenya—but probably nothing will ever come close to the glorious moment when she was surrounded on all sides by baby otters, squeaking (did you know they squeak?) and hugging her with their little paws.

“Come to Nurtured By Nature,” Arne says to the camera. “10 percent guarantee you will leave more joyful than you’ve ever felt in your entire life.” Based on all the screaming and laughing she does right after, it’s hard to disagree. And you can swim with the otters, too. Well, at least if you’re in California and have some money to burn. Just try not to steal one on your way out. Impossible, I know.

(Via Hello Giggles)