This Baby’s Reaction To Superman Taking Flight In ‘Man Of Steel’ Will Restore Your Faith In Tiny Fanboys

Creative Director
02.10.14 12 Comments

The video above should be narrated by David Attenborough, as we get to witness the adorable moment an innocent toddler metamorphoses into a miniature fanboy. Sitting on daddy’s lap, the 16-month-old boy watches the dramatic first flight scene from Man of Steel and just can’t contain himself.

Let’s hope dad gives his son at least a few more months of unbridled joy before allowing the next stage of fanboy-ism (full-blown jadedness) to set in. Perhaps as a second birthday present he can gradually introduce his son to the internet’s various Man of Steel shamings: maybe start with The LEGO Movie‘s friendly ribbing before moving on to the “Everything Wrong With” video, Honest Trailer, and “How It Should Have Ended.”

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