Bad Lip Reading Hilariously Amplifies Ted Cruz’s Refusal To Endorse Donald Trump

The last time Bad Lip Reading paid a visit to Ted Cruz, he was eating hair while heating up the primaries and giving Donald Trump a good run. We all know what happened since then. Cruz dropped out and played nice for awhile, but he secretly held his grudge until the Republican convention. Then all hell broke loose when Cruz delivered the finest performance of his political career. No, this isn’t about his fake 2013 filibuster, but about the riveting moment when an audience realized Cruz would rather swallow his own tooth than endorse Trump.

Speaking of immature jokes, Bad Lip Reading takes the spirit of Cruz’s speech and translates it from flowery, senatorial language to crude verbiage that seems more genuine. So, we get to see those lips move and hear, “That guy wants to party and have someone do the puking for him … did you hear what I said? That guy is grosser than a demon hellcat.” The end result bookends the bombastic RNC and the upcoming mystery entity of the DNC. Perhaps by the end of the week, we’ll long for gentler moments when Ivanka Trump ended up at the wrong political party’s shindig, and Rudy Giuliani blasted into the stratosphere. I’ll bet the current batch of Democrats can throw down too, but will they choose to do so?