Bad Lip Reading Sings The Belated Trump Christmas Carol Nobody Asked For (But Everyone Wants)

Did you know that Donald Trump wrote and performed his very own Christmas carol? No? Don’t worry, because the President of the United States didn’t actually do any of that. Unlike his supposed British counterpart, the Donald hasn’t written anything of significant note without the aid of a ghost writer. But if he had, the team at “Bad Lip Reading” has a pretty good idea as to what the tune would sound like, thanks to their painstaking efforts to comb through hours of interviews with — and miscellaneous footage of — the president. And since it’s still technically the holiday season, of course, the end result is a new Christmas song.

Titled “Christmas is Here,” the infuriatingly catchy carol floats between celebrating Trump’s well-known penchant for junk food, his questionable history of vigorous handshakes, and the popular narrative that First Lady Melania Trump really doesn’t want to be in the White House (or be the first lady, period). Aside from these popular bits culled from the 2016 presidential election and Trump’s first year in office, the video also features a few more recent additions to the current hellscape — including the horrifying new member of the “Hall of Presidents” attraction at Disney World.

“I’m not the real Donald Trump,” the robot sings, “but I can scare you just as much.” Hopefully, everyone on Earth 2 is having far more happy holidays.