Bad Lip Reading’s Version Of ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Is Great In Every Possible Way

We’re fans of Bad Lip Reading, particularly when they’re remaking music videos and lipdubbing popular shows and movies like Game Of Thrones and The Hunger Games with silly non sequiturs or, in some cases, entire conversations matching the lip movements of the actors as they discuss buying jeggings for their pelican.

Now Bad Lip Reading has created another Twilight lip dub, this time for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. They’ve gone to the extra work of adding elements with CGI, like a Grover mask as well as a tambourine for a rendition of a song informing us “dragons are great in several ways”. Unfortunately, Bella has the record for frowning, so she doesn’t appreciate the serenade.

“Smells like a freakin’ eggroll.”

Via The Clearly Dope