Bad News, Broncos Fans: Rob Ford Is Wearing His Orlando Franklin Jersey

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01.27.14 4 Comments

The Denver Broncos’ website lists third-year offensive tackle Orlando Franklin’s hometown as Delray Beach, Florida, but anyone familiar with the 26-year old knows that he was born in Jamaica and raised in Toronto. It wasn’t until he was a teenager that his family moved to South Florida so he could eventually become a standout with the Miami Hurricanes and a second round NFL draft pick. But there’s a chance that Franklin would probably prefer we all forget about his ties to Toronto, at least now that mayor and occasional drunken crack smoker Rob Ford wore Franklin’s No. 74 Broncos jersey at a press conference today. He’s a hell of a football fan, that Rob Ford.

You know, it’s been a while since we’ve talked about Ford – at least in Internet years, which are five days long – but he’s still fighting his own strange fight to convince people that he should not only still be mayor, but he should be re-elected. And now that he propelled himself back to anti-fame with that strange Jamaican accent video, he’s at least important enough to get a Jeopardy! clue that completely mocks his crack smoking all over again.

(Banner image via @KatieSimpson24)

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