‘Bang With Friends’ Will Allegedly Help You Find Friends Who Are DTF

Are you horny? Are their friends of yours that you’d like to enter the Bone Zone with, but you’re not sure how to approach them about doing so? Well thankfully, Bang With Friends is here!

Here’s a chart from the website showing how it works…

Wait, I’m confused. This looks like some bullshit. Can someone help me figure this out?

Enter the Daily Dot:

Users log in anonymously where you are then presented a Pinterest-like board of your friend’s faces peering back at you. They are judging you for the life choice of signing up for this. If you want to “bang” your friend, click “Down to Bang.” (Take note of that descriptive URL.) The button transforms into an “Awaiting Bang” signal, indicating that selected subject is waiting for your highly coveted coitus 360° experience.

The chosen one is only alerted to your bangin’ availability when they sign-in to the app and also happen to click on your face. After that, you both receive an email—probably congratulating you of avoiding the “friendzone.”

In an email with the Daily Dot, the site’s creator, who (obviously) wished to stay anonymous, said it has so far successfully matched up 100 couples for string-free bangs.

Bang with Friends man emailed us a very sweet story brimming with romance. He explained that one dude user thought he was “friendzoned by his new French hottie of a friend.” But then Bang With Friends worked its magic! “She was down though and they have hooked up since,” he wrote. “It’s funny but I’m proud to say that we helped that happen!”

Yeah, this is stupid.

Look, guys and gals, here’s a pro tip: if there’s a friend you’re dying to bang with, just get some cocaine and have them do a bump or two with you, and then go dancing. You’ll be back at your place getting your sex on in no time. Just ask these guys…

You’re welcome.