Barry Keoghan Jokingly Reacted To Sabrina Carpenter Trying To ‘Leave With’ Fellow Irishman Cillian Murphy After The Oscars

It’s great to be Irish these days! Cillian Murphy just became the first Irish-born actor to win an Oscar, St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend and the Royal Family is engulfed in controversy. The Irish sure are lucky! Thanks, Ayo.

Nobody is immune to the lure of the Irish, including singer/actress Sabrina Carpenter, the rumored girlfriend of another Irish Prince, Barry Keoghan.

Carpenter joked to Vanity Fair that she was on the lookout for Murphy at an Oscar’s afterparty. “If I see Cillian Murphy, I’m probably gonna leave the party. Probably just gonna leave with him,” she said, clarifying, “I’m not gonna leave with him. I’m just gonna leave at the same time as him so I can see where he lives. So I can, like, follow his car,” Carpenter joked.

Keoghan seemed to appreciate the love for his fellow Irishman, as the actor commented with a four-leaf clover emoji and a hand-raised emoji. “🙋🏻☘️”. This is love in the year 2024! A hundred years from now, the world’s most renowned archeologists will struggle to understand the complexity and context of these two emojis. Assuming smart phones still exist.

Luckily for Keoghan (and Murphy for that matter), Carpenter left with the Saltburn actor while wearing his jacket, so she must not have found Murphy after all.

Meanwhile, the delightful children of Ireland are celebrating Murphy’s Oscar win. Hopefully, they will wait a few dozen years to see Saltburn.

(Via People)