‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Debuts A New Story Trailer Packed With Rogues

Really, I can sum this trailer up with a GIF:


But because I’m not paid to just make vague drooling noises, let’s break out this trailer a bit. First of all, the DC nerd in me loves how crammed with little references this trailer is, from Soder Cola to the Gotham Globe. Also of interest is how “Johnny Charisma” keeps turning up. We’re sure that what appears to be a skinny, smiling guy has absolutely no relevance to this game whatsoever and surely will not wind up playing an important role in the plot, especially because the prequel comic sets up absolutely nothing in regard to the Joker.

Anyway, we do learn a few things here: Among the villains featured are Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Riddler, Firefly (fresh off his Arkham Origins introduction), and, of course, Scarecrow. The Arkham Knight doesn’t appear very much in this trailer, except… well, see for yourself:

Sure seems like somebody working under the good Doctor Crane, no? Also of interest, apparently the first thing the rogues gallery stole was Gordon’s ‘stache:

batman arkham knight gordon

Again, you should be reading the prequel comic because it raises a lot of questions when paired with this trailer. Also notable is why the Scarecrow, of all people, would be coordinating clearing out the city. This being the Batman: Arkham series, somebody else is up to something. We’ll find out what on June 2.