‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Finally Reveals Its Mr. Freeze Story DLC

It hasn’t exactly been a well-kept secret that Mr. Freeze would eventually show up in Batman: Arkham Origins, and today Warner Bros. Games finally made it official, announcing Cold, Cold Heart, a new chunk of Arkham Origins story DLC coming April 22nd (unless you mistakenly bought the Wii U version). Finally, the game’s winter backdrop will be put to good use!

You can check out a quick trailer for Cold, Cold Heart below…

Arkham Origins may have left some gamers a little (wait for it) cold, but the guys at Warner Bros. Montreal would really have to go out of their way to make Mr. Freeze not work. Mr. Freeze always works — his Batman: The Animated Series episodes were classics, his boss battle in Arkham City was fantastic and uh, he was the best part of Batman & Robin? I guess?

You’ve got a lot of live up to Arkham Origins.

via VG24/7