‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Gets In-Depth With Mr. Freeze

As we all know, Batman: Arkham Origins is getting a big dose of Mr. Freeze later this month. And WB Montreal has gotten a bit more in-depth as to what we can expect.

The video is actually fairly straightforward for a puff piece, and it actually has quite a bit of gameplay footage. Try not to salivate too much over the idea of another Mr. Freeze boss fight:

Particularly interesting is their explanation of why Freeze doesn’t show up in the main game. The team points out that Freeze isn’t in the supervillain game for the money, so it wouldn’t make sense for him to accept a hit contract. So, they built the entire DLC around him, writing a story where it does make sense, to the point where downloading the DLC will add an entire extra section of the city for Freeze to hang out in.

Also interesting is that apparently he’s teaming up with a “crime lord”, since Freeze isn’t notable for his mooks. Might we finally be seeing The Roman or Maroni in one of these games?

Oh, and also you get a goofy Batsuit that looks like Batman is wearing the Bat-Stove, but hey, we guess it could be a lot worse. We’ll see it in action April 22nd.