Bruce Wayne Returns To The Cowl In Our Exclusive Preview Of September 9’s ‘Batman’

Currently, Bruce Wayne is saving the world by volunteering at a community center. It’s all he can do; he’s flat broke and has no memory of being the Dark Knight. That’s a problem as a new villain, Mr. Bloom, is handing out superpowers and bumping off Gotham power players left and right. But what’s Bruce’s connection to Mr. Bloom? And what does Mr. Bloom have to do with Gotham’s notorious Narrows?

Jim Gordon is, of course, the current Batman, in a bit of a switch as DC is putting a spin or two on its classic heroes; Gordon uses power armor and an elaborate blimp to hunt down criminals, and works inside the law. This issue, though, flashes back to early in Batman’s career, when he was still establishing himself, and also features a guest artist, the ever-popular Jock, filling in for Batman‘s usual artist, Greg Capullo. And we also get to see how the Penguin first arrived and comported himself in Gotham. How’d it go? Well… see for yourself:

To see just how badly setting off an electrical charge on a blimp can go, pick up Batman #44, on sale Wednesday.