This Woman Accidentally Mistook Builder’s Foam For Hair Gel And The Result Looks Very Painful

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We’ve all made really stupid mistakes when it comes to putting things in and on our bodies. For me, it was the time I mistook hand sanitizer for breath freshener and spritzed the hell out of my mouth, making it taste like a field of flowers growing in the wilds of Chernobyl. For this woman, who happens to live in Eastern Europe, it was the time she mistook builder’s foam (that stuff that expands all over the place to seal cracks) for mousse, turning her hair into a mess of epic proportions.

Yahoo reports that there’s not much background to what went on in the picture except that the results were disastrous. Some people might even claim that the whole thing was staged or photoshopped. That may be true, but there’s no question that human beings do stupid things that get them into trouble all the time. And considering that this photo was allegedly taken in an emergency room, it’s pretty tempting to side with the part of yourself that says “yeah, this lady just made a really painful mistake.” But hey, things like this build character; and if nothing else, you should consider just printing out this photo and taping it to your bathroom mirror as a reminder that no matter what kind of mistakes you’ll be making today, at least you didn’t turn your head into a mohawk of agony. By accident.

(Via Yahoo)

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