This Grandpa’s Slick Beer Yoga Routine Will Make You Long For Nirvana

Thanksgiving has gone viral for one grandfather, who showed off his yoga prowess with the help of an adult beverage. Beer makes everything more fun, and asanas are no exception. Don’t listen to the faux-ascetic instructor at your gym, who hops into an SUV after class and speeds home for a lengthy, water-gobbling shower. She probably drinks out of plastic bottles and tosses gum wrappers out the car window, too. In sharp contrast, this grandpa is no hypocrite. He likes his beer, and he likes his yoga. He does not pretend to be any differently, for grandpa wants to share his beer-yoga practice with the world. Perhaps he can teach some classes? Don’t be an ageist.

As the camera rolls, yoga grandpa balances a beer cup on his forehead. Then he performs a series of body maneuvers and poses before the cup lands gracefully on the floor before him. Not a drop is spilled, at least, not until grandpa leans forward to eagerly slurp up his reward. No fraternity brother in the United States has ever managed such a feat, and yoga grandpa needs to take this routine on tour. Maybe a brewery will donate some kegs, and a circus act shall be born. Namaste, b*tches.