Conservative Media’s Biggest Dork Is Getting Roasted For How Badly He Whiffed On His ‘Barbie’ Prediction

It only took three weekends, but Barbie crossed the billion-dollar mark in global ticket sales. And it happened during co-writer/director Greta Gerwig’s birthday weekend! It’s a cause for celebration — unless you’re a member of America’s conservative media, some of whom have been triggered by the comedy’s feminist bona fides. Among them is Ben Shapiro, who was dragged during its opening weekend when he dropped an epic takedown that only earned him widespread mockery. Now an old prediction he had has come back to bite him in the bum.

During his 43-minute anti-Barbie tirade — for some context, that’s only 71 minutes shorter than the film itself — Shapiro played soothsayer about its box office future. He knew its opening weekend would be ginormous, and boy, was it. But during its sophomore weekend, he foresaw that it was “just absolutely going to fall off a cliff,” speculating that “repeat business on this movie is going to be nonexistent.”

Spoiler: That didn’t happen. During its second weekend, Barbie went from $162 million domestically to $93 million — a mere 42% drop. Its third weekend was sweet, too, adding another $53 million, or a 43% drop from the previous one. It’s still the number one movie in America, fending off newcomers The Meg 2 and the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot.

Did people enjoy dunking on conservative media’s biggest dork being so spectacularly wrong about pop culture? Yes, they did.

For what it’s worth, Shapiro admitted he was wrong, if in the whiniest way possible, saying he “radically overestimated the taste of the American public.”

This isn’t the first time social media has roasted Shapiro for his pop culture tastes. Just ask him what he thinks about “WAP.”

(Via Mediaite)