Ben Shapiro Is Being Mocked For Complaining About Harry Styles Wearing A Dress

Conservative media has other things to worry about right now, such as an outgoing president who refuses to concede. But a couple of them decided to take a break from touting flimsy voter fraud evidence to engage in some very old school culture warmongering. It started with noted far right commentator and former Kanye pal Candace Owens, who took umbrage with a new Vogue spread depicting Harry Styles in a dress. While that led to widespread mockery, in came Ben Shapiro to tell her, in essence, “hold my beer.”

The former Breitbart writer started by getting Owen’s back, writing, “Anyone who pretends that it is not a referendum on masculinity for men to don floofy dresses is treating you as a full-on idiot.” He then went on, for a good long while, accusing Styles and Vogue of attempting to “feminize masculinity” and destroying gender and what have you, over a series of tweets you can read here (if you’d like).

But the response to Shapiro’s latest tirade, as usual, was a lot more direct. That is to say, the right-wing commentator — who, even at 36, still looks like the hissable trust fund baddie in an ‘80s prep school comedy — found himself once again having the internet version of his head getting dunked in a toilet bowl.

Some reminded us of one of Shapiro’s greatest achievements: angrily and cluelessly reading the lyrics to “WAP” while cameras rolled.

Others demanded he have some priorities.

Some wondered if he’d ever heard of David Bowie.

Or Prince.

Or Rudy Giuliani.

Many wondered if dweebish Ben Shapiro should be holding himself up as some paragon of masculinity.

And others wondered how Harry Styles is taking all this.