Batten Down The Hatches And Enjoy The Best Hurricane News Bloopers Of All Time

Hurricane Hermine may have been downgraded to a tropical storm, but her memory will live on in this timely supercut of the best hurricane news bloopers of all time, from our good friends at News Be Funny. Because it’s not enough that meteorologists simply stand in front of a weather map or throw some radar up on the screen to show us that yes — it’s raining really, really hard. Without fail during every catastrophic weather event, reporters have to put on their best ponchos and rubber boots to get out in the middle of the action — sometimes at a risk to their personal safety — to bring us the scoop right in the middle of the action.

So of course, hurricanes have provided us with some excellent news bloopers over the years. Who can forget where they were when the newly slimmed down Al Roker almost got blown all the way to Oz by Hurricane Wilma in 2005? Or the “I’m almost perpendicular” guy in North Carolina during Hurricane Irene? As long as there are extreme weather events (which don’t appear to be going anywhere) and, uh, ratings, don’t expect weathermen to stop endangering themselves for our entertainment anytime soon.