This Week’s Best Comics Include ‘Horizon,’ An Alien Invasion Thriller With A Twist, And More

Senior Contributor

In comics, Earth is constantly being invaded by aliens. Aliens want our resources. Aliens want our women. But Brandon Thomas and Juan Gedeon turn that around in Image’s Horizon #1: Earth is invading an alien world, and the aliens aren’t going to stand idly by and let it happen.

What’s clever about this issue is that Thomas and Gedeon don’t have a long, rambling explanation for what’s happening. Instead, you barely know, at first, what’s even going on as our heroine crashes on Earth and in fairly short order performs crude brain surgery on herself. Setting up the story, and carrying the plot, largely falls to Gedeon, who carefully draws an Earth that’s a little too believable as the crappy, burned-out husk that may await us.

Another nice touch is the aliens are definitely on the back foot. There’s only a few of them, and humanity seems to be onto them. Turning the alien invasion story on its head is a clever twist, but Thomas grounds it with very human emotions. You get exactly why the aliens don’t want us off Earth, and why they’re fighting an insurgency. There’s no shortage of SF comics on the stands, but none are quite this clever or engaging, making this a pleasant surprise and our best comic of the week.

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