Let The Best News Bloopers Of 2017 Remind You That The Year Wasn’t All Bad

Many of us can agree that 2017 was not … the best year. Turn on the news and it seemed like nothing but doom and gloom — between natural disasters, mass shootings, wildfires, threats of nuclear war, and, oh yeah, whatever the former reality star sitting in the White House decided to fire off on Twitter while taking his morning constitutional. So, not great!

But if there’s one thing we can always rely on to get us through the bleakest of timelines (other then prescription drugs and alcohol, of course), it’s news bloopers! And 2017 had plenty of them, as you can see in this blooper reel from the internet’s foremost blooper experts, News Be Funny. Such as, remember back in March when Political Science professor Robert E. Kelly’s precocious four-year-old daughter jubilantly elbowed her way not just into her father’s live BBC interview — but also our hearts?

And who could forget the “wouldn’t you like to know weatherboy” kid, the plucky dog who waltzed in on the middle of a Greek newscast, that time a bus totally cock-blocked the Weather Channel’s footage of the Georgia Dome implosion, this feisty New Orleans tornado survivor, or all of the hapless news personalities who thought it would be a good idea to take the “one chip challenge” on live TV.

Well enjoy it while you can, anyway, because 2108 is lurking ominously right around the corner.