Meme Watch: Aristocat Is The Original LOLcat

An old stand-by meme has returned with a renewed vigor, and we couldn’t be more merry to see this well-bred little gentleman take the limelight. Aristocat is perhaps the oldest meme we’ve featured, and he’s taken on a new life at Reddit’s Advice Animals in the past month. This adorable cousin to Sophisticated Cat is based on this picture from 1900 which appeared on a novelty postcard with the caption “Part of the ‘Smart Set’.”

Yes, we’ve been dressing up and captioning cats for many generations. Truly, it’s the pastime we can all agree on, regardless of our age.
Our 25 favorite Aristocat pictures out of the 1500+ at Quickmeme are collected below. Thanks to Tastefully Offensive and Gingerhaze for the assist.

No, but I do have this bottle of Grey Poupon that tastes like you already used it as a litter box.