30 Funny, Catty, and Bitter Twitter Reactions To DC’s “Before Watchmen” Announcement

Upon hearing that DC Comics is releasing prequels to Watchmen, members of Twitter were predictably catty. DC’s move certainly isn’t without controversy. Alan Moore was a little less than pleased with the news. Neil Gaiman wrote on his website, “Mostly, I’m just glad that they didn’t do it 25 years ago. We’ve had 25 Watchmen-Prequel free years.” And then there was Twitter. The place you go when you want a sassy one-liner, snarky complaint, or references to the sexually-explicit versions of classic children’s books characters in Moore’s Lost Girls.

Our 30 favorite reactions to “Before Watchmen” are collected here. Thanks to ComicsAlliance for tipping us off to about a third of these (and you can see some different ones on their list).