The Best Of #Michael Scott

The 2012 SAG Awards were last night and hopefully off your radar. They get a solid celebrity turn out and it was a pretty dead evening entertainment-wise, but the SAGs are the yellow Starbursts of awards shows. No one denies this. Hopefully you read a book or something.
The one thing that hit my radar though is that last night’s show was the last chance for Steve Carell to get any recognition for his work as Michael Scott on The Office. It’s well-documented that Carell never winning an Emmy (*shakes fist at Tony Shaloub*) and winning just a single Golden Globe for his portrayal of the Scranton branch manager is a travesty. He didn’t win last night either. Instead Alec Baldwin won for the sixth time in a row. Sure, Carell’s last couple years on The Office — and the show as a whole — were nowhere near as brilliant as the first four seasons, but these were actors voting for actors, and there’s no integrity to compromise (see: Betty White’s trophy case), so why not throw the guy a bone?
Luckily for all involved we’re talking about the SAGs. And no one gives a sh*t about the SAGs. If anything it’s all for the best as it’s given me a reason to dedicate this week’s “Best Of #” to Michael Scott, who most certainly deserves a place in the collection. I’m sure even Steve recognizes the greater good here.
The Office’s finest days took place before the advent of Tumblr so this isn’t quite as comprehensive as I’d like it to be, but it’s a damn fun trip down Scottism Lane. I still use the two bullets line at least once a week.