The ‘Roll Safe’ Meme Is Here To Give You The Best Worst Advice

A new meme is here to dispense the invaluable advice we definitely needed today. Roll Safe now joins the august ranks of other recent Twitter memes like Evil Kermit and Black Twitter Verification Questions.

It comes from a screencap of actor Kayode Ewumi playing the character Reece aka R.S aka Roll Safe on the BBC Three series Hood Documentary last June. In this clip, he taps his temple and grins slyly after making a cheeky oral sex joke, and a meme was born. Well, it was born much later.

The first meme came in November of last year, via Twitter account Footy Humor, but the meme stayed lonely for a long time after this one:

Roll Safe didn’t really get rolling until January 22nd, when @trapfasa posted this:

The next day, @RyanWindoww posted the joke at the top of this page, which went massively viral with 75K likes and 48K retweets as of this writing.

Then a couple more memes made the rounds, and the jokes started showing up on Reddit as well as Twitter:

Meme makers, ROLL OUT:

(Via Dorkly, Know Your Meme, Hip Hop Humor, and Jeff)