The Wisdom And Weirdness Of Director Steven Soderbergh’s Secret Twitter

Steven Soderbergh has directed quite a few movies, including Oceans 11 (and sequels), Magic Mike, and Side Effects, which opens next week. He also wrote Nightwatch, a movie in which (spoiler alert) Nick Nolte plays a necrophiliac. So that’s a thing that exists.
Soderbergh granted an interview recently in which he spoke like a real-ass dude, not someone talking in sound bites. He also mentioned in that interview that he has a “stealth” Twitter account. His secret Twitter has since been sussed out.
Steven Soderbergh has been tweeting under the name Bitchuation since last October. He had about 1600 followers when his identity was revealed. Hopefully he won’t delete his 110 tweets now that his real name is associated with them. They’re worth keeping. Many are funny and honest, while others are offbeat and inexplicable. There are also several quotes from books and movies, but none from his own films. That would be like wearing the T-shirt of the band playing at a concert. He did comment on one of his own movies. He wrote and directed Sex, Lies, and Videotape, and tweeted the movie was “better directed than it is written, and better acted than it is directed.” As we said, Steven Soderbergh is a real-ass dude.
Our favorite tweets from Soderbergh’s @Bitchuation are collected below. For the full Soderbergh experience, please read them while wearing blue-tinted glasses.
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True story.

Words to live by.


Natalie would.

Sometimes it gets weird…

The last one’s a play on “pillar of the community”, we’re guessing/hoping.




Real talk.

Bruce LaBruce already made that movie. Twice.