Meme Watch: 'Thumbs and Ammo' Gives Iconic Movies A PG-Rated Makeover

A compelling new single-serving website captured our imagination this week with their positive, can-do attitude. Thumbs and Ammo takes iconic movie scenes and replaces all of the firearms with a friendly thumbs up. As the website describes their work, “Real tough guys don’t need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude.” I’ll keep that in mind the next time someone tries to rob the drugstore I work at. (Spoiler alert: I get shot and my chalk outline has double thumbs up.)

These photoshops are surprisingly effective. Something about the grimacing of action movie stars combined with an approving thumbs up just works. It’s like they’re telling us to have a nice day or else. Our favorite 30 photoshops from the many at Thumbs And Ammo are collected below. Thumbs up to Gorilla Mask for the assist.

Peace, we outta here.