Meme Watch: Unnecessary Explosions Added To GIFs Make Everything More Rad

The magnificent GIF above is part of an outstanding new trend of adding unnecessary explosions to popular GIFs. Man, just when we think a GIF is as perfectly timed and funny as it can be, somebody comes along and turns it into an awesome ’80s action movie. Internet, you son of a bitch.

You may have seen these vastly improved GIFs on Reddit’s top posts last night or spotted them during one of eleven thousand times these GIFs have been posted on Tumblr in the past day with the caption “directed by Michael Bay”. Because he likes explosions, you see. Jokes.

We’ve collected our favorite GIFs from this hopefully long-lasting and prolific meme. All pictures via this amazing Reddit thread and this Imgur thread, and there are a few more available at those links if you’d like to see more explosive comedy.