Brace Yourself For A New Year With Werner Herzog Inspirationals

60th Berlin International Film Festival - International Jury - Photocall
Getty Image

Are you ready for the bleakness and futility of another year’s ceaseless pacing towards the heat death of the universe? Well it’s happening anyway, and you’ll be helped (“helped”?) in this journey by UPROXX fave and hater of chickens Werner Herzog, the director of cheerful fare like Fitzcarraldo and Grizzly Man, the sworn enemy of nature and sunlight, the possible fighter of the Dayman, the maker of hardcore anti-texting-while-driving PSAs, the Dreamworks voiceover actor (!), and a man rife for parody Yelp reviews. He’s the guy who got shot in the stomach during an interview and shrugged it off as just something poets have to deal with. Yeah, that guy. Chipper fellow.

He’s an inspiration to cynics and chicken-haters everywhere, and now his most inspiring quotes have been added to Creative Commons photographs by a new single-serving Tumblr, Werner Herzog Inspirationals. Now here’s something worth hanging up in your office and/or bear cave.