Meme Watch: The Best Of The ‘Whoa, We’re Halfway There’ Tweets

A new pun-based meme has been making the rounds on Twitter, and — like the best pun-based memes — it also incorporates popular ’80s music, specifically Jon Bon Jovi, who probably saw all of this coming with his time travel powers he refuses to use for the greater good.

The trend started last week when Periwinkle Jones tweeted the joke above, riffing on the lyric “Whoa, we’re halfway there” from the 1986 song “Livin’ On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi, wrapping up the chorus with a “lizard on a chair” instead of “livin’ on a prayer.” The jokes really took off when a tweet by Truett (the first picture below) went viral this week using a joke playing on the same theme.

These puns are the perfect mix of completely absurd yet still catchy. If you were alive at any time in the late ’80s or ’90s, you probably immediately recognized the first line of the chorus, whether you wanted to or not. But now, with this roundup of our favorite tweets from the meme, you can sing an improved version when it gets stuck in your head.

(“lemon and a pear”)

(“kitten on a stair”)


(“Liv in underwear”)


(“Piven and a bear”)


(“lipstick on a pear”)


(“wizard at a fair”)


(“ribbon on a bear”)


(“sieving on a Blair”)


(“Lincoln on a bear” [Art by Jason Heuser])


(Via Buzzfeed)