Scientists Have Determined The Sex Position Most Likely To Damage A Man’s Penis


In a rare public relations win for the missionary position, scientists in Brazil have determined the oft-maligned man-on-top intercourse technique to be the least likely to damage a man’s penis.

The most dangerous position? The woman-on-top technique commonly known as “cowgirl.”

The woman-on-top position during intercourse was deemed responsible for half of all penile fractures sustained during sex in cases recorded at three hospitals, according to researchers in Brazil.

Scientists say this may be because the woman controls the penis with her entire body weight landing on it and is unable to interrupt it when it suffers a ‘wrong way penetration’. The harm is usually minor for her and with no pain – but major in the penis.

Meanwhile, positions involving the woman on all fours accounted for 29% of penile fractures. A mere 12% of fractures occurred during homosexual sex.

The authors of the study examined the cases of men who attended Brazilian hospitals with a fractured penis, which doesn’t sound very fun. Literally: “Half of the patients described hearing an audible crack and feeling pain after the incident.”

(Via Hindawi; H/T The Independent)