The Funniest Tweets About Monday Night’s Presidential Debate

Did you watch Monday night’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Chances are, you probably did, as the event is expected to be one of the most-watched televised events in history. And Twitter was seemingly the place to be for jokes about the proceedings, firing off quick jabs and jibes just as the social media platform previously went in on Donald Trump with hashtags like #ThingsTrumpWouldHaveStopped and #TrumpExplainsMoviePlots and #WhoSays and #AskTheGays. We’ve collected some of our favorite tweets from last night below.

People had even more to say about Trump’s sniffling and more theories about the cause:

Some were quick to summarize the debate and compare it to other things:

And they had fun with debate moderator Lester Holt saying, “Let’s talk about race.”

Although some people, including Patton Oswalt, thought moderator Lester Holt should have moderated a little bit more:

There was plenty of skepticism about Trump referring to the at least $1 million from his dad as “a small loan”:

And it seems Trump lost the “400-pound hacker” vote:

And some of the jokes verged into gender politics, inevitable considering Trump interrupted Clinton 51 times in 90 minutes and said she didn’t have a “presidential look”. First, there were the jokes about women being accused of not smiling enough, or smiling too much, but never the right amount of smiling.

Then there were the jokes about the frequent interruptions and Trump’s history of misogyny:

That’s a burn.

But Twitter wasn’t done yet:

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