‘This Is The Future That Liberals Want’ According To Twitter

Entertainment Editor

On Wednesday, a Twitter account named after 4Chan’s “politically incorrect” channel, /pol/, posted this Instagram photo with the caption, “This is the future that liberals want.” The photo shows an unidentified Muslim woman and drag queen Gilda Wabbit riding the subway, just living their lives and not hurting anyone. (How dare they?) The tweet backfired spectacularly, with people replying to the tweet sarcastically and providing alternate photos of a glorious future.

The image was originally posted on Subway Creatures to highlight New York City’s diversity, before it was co-opted by a Twitter account trying to frame diversity as some kind of threat. Gilda Wabbit told Buzzfeed, “the clapback against the negative attention from the far-right has been fabulous.”

At first, people stated the obvious. Why is anybody clutching their pearls about Muslims and drag queens just sitting there, existing?

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