Don’t Try To Cut Off The Presidential Motorcade On A Bicycle Or You’ll End Up Like This Guy

Bike riders in New York City are ballsy, and they have to be. Navigating the ocean of humans and vehicles in the world’s greatest metropolis is not for the feint of heart. Riding in New York is a fight to get where you need to go in that maze of concrete and glass and bicyclists feel the need to move fast and take chances. To do so is in their DNA. But, one thing you don’t do, no matter the daredevil in you, is interrupt, or even come near the presidential motorcade when it’s in motion. This dude tried to save a little bit of time, and he paid the price for doing so.

As President Obama’s motorcade crossed Park Avenue so the POTUS could make his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, this man decided to make a break for it. For his efforts (which are admirable), he was tackled off his bike by police, quickly flipped over and then seemingly taken into custody.

It seems as if he had no idea what he was doing was wrong, or notice that huge sections of the streets were blocked off with tight security. He probably got the point when he was face down in the New York City street he was trying to traverse as a Secret Service agent strolled up to him.

(Via Jalopnik)