President Obama Slow Jammed The News With Jimmy Fallon

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06.10.16 3 Comments

Barack Obama only has a few months left as the President of the United States, so he’s on a bit of a farewell tour. He’s looking back on the last eight years as a big win for his legacy, despite an obstructionist congress and an inherited economy that was in the dumps. Obama’s also showing that he’s a human and a pretty cool one at that. But politics are a difficult game, and not everyone can move beyond their personal opinions. Sometimes, there’s only one way to reach across the metaphorical aisle in a country mired in election season — slow jamming. Luckily, Jimmy Fallon has the band and the venue to make this happen.

*Read this in a slow jam voice.*

Aw yeah, through a tasty groove led by Questlove and backed by the dulcet tones of Jimmy Fallon, Barack Obama recaps his last eight years of his presidency. Try not to move those hips as you learn about the progressive leadership in the White House, and how the policies Obama has put in place has led to the constitutional right for people to marry who they love. Oooo, yeah. Twenty million people that didn’t have insurance now have it because of you, Obama. Yeah, baby.

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