A Ranking Of The Most Formidable Villains From ‘Archer’

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07.14.16 7 Comments

With all the snide remarks and inside jokes constantly going around, it’s easy to forget all the formidable adversaries that the gang from Archer, formally known as ISIS, currently known as the Figgis Detective Agency, has had to contend with over the last seven seasons. From eco-terrorists to assassins, double-agents to contract killers, Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) has been there to face off against them all, although sometimes unintentionally. While he may not always come out on top, here’s a ranking of the most formidable bad guys from Archer.

13. Crenshaw

Even though he wasn’t around all that long (he was introduced and killed in Archer’s pilot episode), Crenshaw (Shelly Desai) was our first real glimpse into what we could expect from the show’s bad guys. In this case, a KGB mole who was trying to take down the agency from the inside. After he’s found out and tries to make an escape, we also see just how well Archer can handle himself in a situation like this, which is a mix between highly capable and terribly awkward. Still, Archer not only kills Crenshaw, but he uses the whole situation to cover up the excessive use of his expense account.

12. Captain Lammers

Malory Archer (Jessica Walter) may have called in a fake bomb threat just to get a free ride on the state-of-the-art airship Excelsior, but it turned out that the ship’s captain, Captain Lammers (Stephen Stanton), had brought one on board himself to detonate for real. Lammers’ villainy wasn’t rooted in espionage or a quest for power, but rather, vengeance and his plan to short the company’s stock that built the Excelsior in order to recoup the losses from his 401K. Even though Archer managed to diffuse the bomb and save everyone on board, Lammers went ahead and made his getaway anyway via parachute. The company’s stock, presumably, was fine.

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