Bill Burr Ranted Against ‘Treasonous, Unamerican Pieces Of Sh*t’ Cable News Networks Because They ‘Want’ Trump Back

Bill Burr is not holding back his thoughts on CNN. During the latest episode of his Monday Morning podcast, the comedian completely blasted the cable news network for its recent coverage of Donald Trump by claiming that CNN wants him back.

“They want Darth Vader to come back,” Burr said (via Mediaite) after catching a glimpse of CNN’s coverage thanks to his mother-in-law who watches the station while visiting. “They want him to come back cause they have nothing to talk about cause it’s show business and Joe Biden is a f*cking bore!”

According to Burr the “f*cking morons” at CNN can’t stop boosting Trump for ratings “while they act like they allegedly don’t like him,” and it’s going to repeat the 2016 election. He then unloaded on all of the corporate news channels. “They’re f*cking treasonous un-American pieces of shit, just like Fox News, MSNBC, just like all of them. Just like f*cking all of them.”

The rant was yet another example of Burr not pulling his punches. During the height of the pandemic, he called out Joe Rogan right to his face after Rogan said wearing a mask “is for bitches.”

“I don’t want to start this bullshit,” Burr said while seated across from Rogan. “I’m not gonna sit here with no medical degree, listening to you with no medical degree, with an American flag behind you smoking a cigar, acting like we know what’s up, better than the CDC. All I do, is I watch the news once every two weeks — I’m like, ‘Mask or no mask? Still mask? Alright, mask! That’s all I give a f*ck about.”

(Via Mediaite)