Bill Cosby Had Some Strange Advice For George Lopez Before He Hosted The ‘Playboy’ Jazz Festival

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Every year Playboy holds the Playboy Jazz Festival, an event celebrating jazz music which has been held at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles since 1979. From 1979 to 2012, Bill Cosby hosted the festival every year before handing over the emcee duties to George Lopez in 2013, who Cosby personally picked as his successor. Being that the event is such a time-honored tradition, Cosby requested a phone call with Lopez previous to his first hosting gig — a conversation that he recalled to Howard Stern on his show Tuesday, prefacing with: “I probably shouldn’t say this, but f*ck it.”

Previous to October of 2014, Lopez, like most of the world, had largely been unaware of Cosby’s slimy reputation other than the fact that he hung out at the Playboy Mansion an awful lot for a guy who promoted such a clean-cut image. He quickly got up to speed, however, as he says Cosby proceeded to inform him of the best way to procure oral sex from the women attending the festival, allegedly telling him to keep the women in the audience and not bring them backstage.

Lopez says of the 45-minute-long phone call with his mentor: “Five minutes had to do with jazz, and the next 40 were about eating ass.” Telling, after all we know now.

You can listen to the full clip from The Howard Stern Show below: