Watch Bill Cosby Creepily Creep All Over Sofia Vergara In This Old Interview From 2003

Inside Edition dug up this old clip from 2003, when Bill Cosby was filling in on The Late Show for host Dave Letterman, who had come down with a stress-induced case of shingles. Coincidentally, Sofia Vergara was booked as a guest on this particular night that Cosby hosted — at the time a virtually unknown 30-year-old actress. I’m not even sure what Vergara was doing on the show (IMDb says that a film she appeared in called Chasing Papi had come out that year), because it would still be six more years before she portrayed the firey Gloria Pritchett on Modern Family.

At the time, Cosby was still very much a beloved TV dad and comedian. So, it’s likely that no one really thought all that much of what transpires in the interview, in which he “comically” flirts with and leers at Vergara, telling her things like, “Now what you have on tonight is wonderful, just wonderful,” and, “You make me feel very young again.” But now that we know all that we do, and now that the rape accusations against Cosby have climbed to more than 50 women, the clip takes on a much more sinister tone, as one accuser points out to Inside Edition.

It also goes to show how brazen Cosby was with his alleged actions. Despite everything that was supposedly transpiring behind closed doors, the man still had no problem acting lecherous to a young actress on a national television broadcast to millions. The guy thought he was untouchable, which clearly turned out not to be the case.

(Via AOL)

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