Bill Maher Courts More Controversy While On Vacation With This Questionable Joke About North Korea

It hasn’t been long since Bill Maher faced calls for his removal from Real Time due to his use of the n-word during an interview, so one would think he’d want to keep away from any racial humor and controversy. But folks who think that are forgetting that Maher is a comedian and that he has a history of saying inflammatory statements. That’s why this tweet that the host sent out while on vacation has people fuming once again.

Even though his show was off this week, joining most of the talk circuit in going on vacation due to the July 4th holiday, Maher still felt the need to comment on the current events via his twitter account. That would mean some talk about North Korea and their latest missile test and a joke that might’ve appeared during his monologue if his show was live on Friday:

It’s far from the n-word plopping out for all to hear on national television, but many are still crying “racism” over Maher’s use of stereotypes to make a joke about North Korea. At the very least, it’s just not a really funny joke and it’s being amplified thanks to the controversial season that Maher has had on Real Time, somewhat stumbling in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidency.

An apology would be hard to envision from this mini-controversy and Maher has already moved on to more humor that didn’t get to make his show, hitting on Sarah Palin’s lawsuit against the New York Times:

You have to wonder if Maher wishes he could stay on vacation for the rest of this season and just come back fresh in a new season. Either that or he’ll do the opposite and invite Roger Stone and Milo back to the same episode.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)