Bill Murray Is Your Minor League Baseball Rain Delay Entertainment

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If it wasn’t for the fact that no one will ever believe me I’d float the theory that Bill Murray has glanced over his Internet Bait-able Moments and decided to get his troll on, proceeding to partake in all sorts of eccentric activities that the web is destined to love and rendering the list I made just weeks ago woefully outdated and incomplete in the process.

Since that post, Bill has given the best autograph ever, unveiled his Tupac-style hologram, and now over the weekend provided minor league baseball rain delay entertainment in the form of an awkward slip and slide routine.

Bill is part owner of the Charleston Riverdogs, you see. He’s also unofficially — or maybe officially? — titled the “Director of Fun,” and apparently takes it upon himself to make sure the loyal patrons sticking around and sipping watered down beers get their money’s worth even if baseball isn’t in the cards. Well played, sir. No question you beat the tag.

Via Deadspin

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