‘Bird Box,’ ‘Hush,’ And ‘A Quiet Place’ Have Inspired A ‘Can’t Hear Can’t Speak Can’t See’ Meme


Since premiering on Netflix in mid-December, Bird Box has gone on to become a smash sensation, amassing a whopping 45 million-plus account views — the highest ever on record for a Netflix original film. And predictably, with the popularity of the film came a variety of memes, such as Twitter users posting cheeky images of “bird box spoilers without context.”

Now, a new meme is making the rounds and this one incorporates the films Hush and A Quiet Place. The latter film, of course, premiered earlier this year directed by and starring John Krasinski alongside his real-life wife Emily Blunt, which went on to dominate the box office earning over $340 million. The plot is similar to Bird Box in that most of the Earth’s population has been decimated by creatures of unknown origin that attack anything that makes noise, rendering the characters speechless.

Hush, on the other hand, is a 2016 slasher film in which the main character is a deaf-mute who must fend off a masked killer, unable to hear his whereabouts.

So between the three films, people are tweeting a “can’t hear can’t speak can’t see” meme, posting images of the theatrical posters along with a silly fourth option. The jokes have poked fun at everything from MC Hammer to Brooklyn Nine-Nine to Netflix’s latest hit Bandersnatch — as you can see from the handful of examples below.

With the current government shutdown situation, that last one is sadly all too real for a lot of people right now.