The Blooper Reel For ‘The LEGO Movie’ Is Just As Funny As The Actual Movie

By the end of 2014, if there’s not a legitimate movement to have The LEGO Movie nominated for a billion Academy Awards, including Best Picture, I’m going to be furious. In fact, I will be so upset that I will go to the homes of every Academy member and put hundreds of small individual LEGO pieces all over their floors while they’re sleeping, and then I will make a bunch of noise so they wake up and jump out of their beds. Then they’ll all know my pain as they pick those pieces out of their feet while crying to their butlers about how this ruined the pedicures they just received from the orphans they keep locked in their basements. I have a sort of warped vision of Hollywood’s wealth.

Anyway, as if The LEGO Movie couldn’t get any better than it already is, here’s the animated film’s “blooper reel” that hit YouTube today, and it’s still pretty darn funny watching the little LEGO figures pretend that they’re having trouble with their lines. Seriously. This movie. Best picture. Let’s make it happen, voters.