Brainiac Gets Feisty In The New ‘LEGO Batman 3’ Trailer

The LEGO Batman games have been enormously popular mostly because they combine lighthearted humor with an extensive knowledge of the DCU. Also there are LEGO versions of everything, and it strokes a deep-seated glee nerve in the nerd brain to see Lego versions of stuff. So prepare for a pretty serious brain-stroking from this trailer.

The plot is pretty straightforward: Brainiac wants to put the whole world in his pants. As Batman and pretty much the entire DC Universe, you have to stop him. This will apparently include every Lantern DC currently publishes: I noticed Saint Walker, Bleez, Arkillo, Kilowog, Atrocitus (yeah, good luck making HIS backstory kid friendly), and Indigo-1. Also, there’s Joker doing a pants-dance:

You’ll be able to pants Brainiac on Xbox and PlayStation platforms sometime this year.