Brett Favre Pledged His Allegiance To Tucker Carlson Just Hours Before The Reporter Who Exposed His Welfare Shenanigans Won A Pulitzer For Her Work

In April 2022, Mississippi Today reporter Anna Wolfe rocked the worlds of sports and politics when she published a groundbreaking report about how Brett Favre and his pal, former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, were seemingly up to no good. According to Wolfe’s report, Favre seemed to have leveraged his in with one of the state’s top politicos to receive funding for such non-essential things as a new volleyball stadium at the college his daughter attends — and that the money had come from the state’s struggling welfare fund.

On Monday, Wolfe — who is 28 years old — won a well-deserved Pulitzer Prize for her reporting of political corruption within the state. According to Poynter, she celebrated the accolade with her parents. Favre, meanwhile, may have been too busy to notice that the reporter who uncovered his private text messages and blew the lid off this scandal was being feted with her industry’s top honor. Because he was over on Twitter calling on his less-than-350,000 followers to boycott Fox News for doing his boy Tucker Carlson dirty.

“I’m with Tucker” was Favre’s bad take of a message, which he doubled down on during an interview with Newsmax of all places.

As The Recount shared, Brett decided to go to war for Tucker, whom he described as “genuine, good guy” — presumably despite the fact that he has a habit of calling women c**ts and being extremely white supremacist-y on and off the air?

Though, from Favre’s retelling, it sounds like he has maybe spent a whole of just a couple of hours in Carlson’s presence. But apparently that was enough for Favre to put aside any of the revelations that have come out about Tucker’s off-air personality and choose to believe that he’s a great guy who was just completely dicked over by the company he worked for.

Favre explained to he “got to spend some time with Tucker” about a year ago, when he was a guest on his then-still-existent Fox News program. Favre and his wife had dinner with Carlson and his crew the night before their interview, and Favre just really liked the guy, ok?!?

“I got the impression that what you see is what you get,” Favre said of Carlson, which feels like a bad read since recent revelations via the Dominion Lawsuit have shown that Carlson’s on-air personality and his behavior in private were actually quite contradictory.

Perhaps it’s also worth mentioning that Favre estimates he suffered “thousands” of concussions throughout his career.