Tucker Carlson’s Penchant For Calling Women ‘C**ts’ Was Reportedly A ‘Key Factor’ In His Fox News Demise

Tucker Carlson is gone at Fox News, and who’s to say why. Apparently not even the network’s former biggest star knows the reason he got canned. But there have been some reports on possible reasons that, put together, may explain why Fox News was willing to kick its ratings juggernaut to the curb.

A new report from The Daily Beast offers some possible explanations. There was his routinely conspiracy-laden coverage of the Jan. 6 riots, which allegedly enraged Fox brass. There’s the lawsuits from former producer Abby Grossberg, who painted an unflattering portrait of a sexist boy’s club atmosphere. There’s comments he made about Fox management that were made public during their pricey Dominion lawsuit.

Then there’s this:

But most egregious, and what loomed large in his termination, people familiar with the matter told Confider, was how during his deposition with Dominion lawyers, when he was asked if “this wasn’t the only time you referred to Sidney Powell as a cunt,” the Fox News star responded: “You know I-I-I can’t know and I just want to apologize preemptively. I mean you’re trying to embarrass me, you’re definitely succeeding as I am embarrassed.”

Carlson being nailed in court documents for his repeated use of the overtly misogynist c-word was a key factor in his demise, as Fox News had rid itself of Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly after years of sexual-harassment complaints and could not have its biggest star undermining any supposed progress.

Al Capone was taken down for not paying his taxes, and if this is true, then Tucker Carlson — the guy who laughed at an epic, should-have-been-devastating The New York Times takedown — got busted for being a sexist pig. He’ll surely be getting a golden parachute, and then he has all the time in the world to hang out with other fellow Fox News firees like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, who will show him what his future really looks like.

(Via The Daily Beast)