Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Vs. A Sixth Grader Is Most Telling Fight You’ll See On Cable News Today

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade is, to be fair, a bit of a hothead. He digs a good argument. At times, he even fights with his Fox and Friends co-hosts, which makes the whole joint look like Fox and Frenemies, but Kilmeade doesn’t usually score a knockdown during arguments, and it’s not unheard of for Steve Doocy to stand as a voice of reason against Kilmeade. Well, the guy took on an unlikely opponent, and some might say a telling one, on Wednesday morning during a segment about how young students have fared amid ongoing school shutdowns and Zoom learning.

In the end, Kilmeade didn’t go easy on his chosen adversary. In fact, he let it be known that he was pushing back at a sixth grader. Mason Seder, a student out of Philly who’s been distance learning for the whole of the pandemic, was one of three young guests who popped in with Kilmeade for a panel; and via Mediaite, Seder didn’t hide his opinion on how he feels good about Biden’s cautious approach to reopening schools.

“I think we are very, very close getting back to school,” Mason calmly told Kilmeade. “And I think that the way that our new president is handling things is a very good way and we would not have gone to this if it were still the last president.”

Biden didn’t hesitate to tell Mason that he disagreed: “Really? That’s hard to believe. Because the last president was saying I want every kid back in school.”

Mason did not appear to be ruffled by Kilmeade’s politically-motivated comeback.