Everyone Is Talking About This Viral Bridezilla Rant, But No One Can Decide If It’s Real

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Planning a wedding in itself is stressful enough to make the average person lose their damn mind — but in rare instances, it can make someone really go off the deep end. Case in point, this viral Facebook post that’s being shared all over the internet, which originated via screencaps on Twitter over the weekend.

In the cautionary tale that followed, a woman (with her identity concealed) lamented that she had been forced to cancel her wedding with just four days left to go, and that she and her fiancee had broken up due to “recent and irreparable problems.”

So just what did this loser do, cheat on her? With her sister? With her mom??

Alas, if only things were that simple.

The woman, who many are speculating is named “Susan” for point-of-context, went on to describe her relationship with her ex. Like something straight out of a fairy tale, she met the “love of her life” when she was just 14-years-old. They dated through high school, and he proposed with a ring that she specifies as being worth nearly $5,000.

Susan found herself pregnant at 20 and soon after gave birth to the couple’s son. From there, she focused on her career and saved until they had enough money for a modest $15,000 wedding. Sadly, that’s when the wheels came off of her so-called fairy tale.

After visiting a local psychic, Susan became convinced that to make her marriage truly spectacular, that they needed to have a destination wedding in Aruba, which at $60,000 was just a smidge out of budget.

That’s when Susan turned to her family and friends, looking to crowdsource the money for her wedding. While her ex’s family donated $3,000 and her maid-of-honor gave them $5,000, all they needed was the small sum of $1,500 from the rest of the guests to make her dream of living like a “Kardashian for a day” happen.

Suffice to say, she wasn’t able to raise the money (even attempting a GoFundMe campaign) and then her fiancee made the grave mistake of suggesting that they just get married in Vegas. She then had a falling out with her maid-of-honor (who again, had given her a whopping $5,000) and even suspected her fiancee of cheating on her.

Finally, she signed off, essentially giving the double bird to everyone who had stabbed her in the back and saying that she would see everybody in two months — as she previously revealed that she was planning to go backpacking in South America to “explore her soul” and rid herself of “toxic energy.”

The tale is an enthralling one, for sure. But … it is real? Surely, it’s impossible for a person to be this entitled with such an astounding lack of self awareness at the same time? At any rate, the internet is torn.

Others just had plenty of ridicule for Susan:

In a shocking twist however, the would-be maid-of-honor provided an update to the story, suggesting that it does, in fact, appear to be the god-honest truth.

We’d say that this guy clearly dodged a serious bullet, except for the fact that he’ll likely have to provide spousal and child support to Susan for the next 18 years. R.I.P. in peace.