Bruce Campbell In the “Evil Dead” Remake? REALLY?

I can’t believe I’ve never seen that headshot before. Especially when that’s how many people actually see Bruce Campbell.

Anyway, in the least shocking announcement since the Kardashian sisters all admitted in public they want fame without having to do anything for it, Bruce Campbell will have a cameo in the “Evil Dead” remake.

We know, that’s a shocking, daring move that they’re making, putting Bruce Campbell in an Evil Dead movie, but they’re just crazy enough to make it work. Sarcasm aside, this actually is kind of nice. Campbell has been at the forefront of pushing for an Evil Dead remake for years, even though he’s got no real stake in it besides a minor payday; he just loves the franchise that much.

Now, let’s see if we can get that hick chick from the second one, who just lost her job on “One Life to Live”, to come back too. Naked this time.

[ via the Deadites at IndieWire ]