Bryan Cranston’s Impression Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Co-Star Aaron Paul Is Much Better Than His Margot Robbie

Bryan Cranston gave one of the best performances in TV history as chemistry teacher turned pizza-tossing meth kingpin Walter White on Breaking Bad. But not even he can do a decent Margot Robbie impression.

LADbible sat down with Cranston and his Argylle co-star Sam Rockwell for a game of “First Impressions,” in which they tried to guess who the other person was doing an impression of. The video, which you can watch above, kicks off with the multi-time Emmy winner sounding like The Beatles before Rockwell did a solid Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown from Back of the Future.

Cranston then did an impression (“Yo, bitch”) of his Breaking Bad co-star and Dos Hombres co-founder Aaron Paul. Rockwell’s first guess was Andrew Dice Clay, but he eventually got there. Later on, Cranston had to do a Margot Robbie impression (they were in Asteroid City together), which mostly involved smiling like the Joker and acting cheerful. The effort is there (“I was trying to look beautiful, but I couldn’t pull that off,” he explained), but it could use work.

Maybe Cranston can play a Ken in Barbie 2 (if it happens) and be turned into a doll. I Am the One Who Beaches would be a best seller.